Cancellation & Lateness Policies

Oh no! There’s sometimes a situation that comes up that means you either need to come to the meeting late, move the whole appointment time and day, or cancel all together!! (The policies stated here apply only to personal readings, not for parties or events.)

Policies are subject to change.

If You Need to Cancel or Be Late

Basic scenarios for cancelling/lateness:

  1. If it’s before the reading time, you have until four hours before the reading start time to cancel and still be able to reschedule at a later time or be entitled to the full refund options.
  2. If it’s during or after the reading time the reader will wait for you for 30 minutes (no matter how long your reading is booked for). There will be no options for rescheduling or refunds (those options ended 4 hours before the reading).

There’s a reason why you requested the reading in the first place. So, we think you should get that reading. Oftentimes readings are based on timing. Getting insights at the right time. If you find yourself after the four hour grace period before the reading, perhaps you should do the reading anyway even if you’re in the middle of an odd situation. It is always ok to switch a zoom reading to a phone reading, or even a text reading!