60 Minute Astrology Reading


60 minutes for astrology is certainly the way to go. There are two main things that happen in astrology readings: the first is that I’ll instantly hone in on certain aspects and transits of your chart that are significant. The second is that I can address questions you may have, such as, Is it a good time to have surgury? Or, Am I compatible with my love interest? One of my fun questions is determining what kind of gift someone likes. You’ll need their birth information, of course, including exactly what time they were born. If you don’t have the exact birth time of the entity you’re inquiring about (this could be a person, a corporation, an animal or even an event), that’s ok! It just means some of our answers will be restricted. I can always use tarot cards and intuition to help elucidate. The point overall is that, there really is a lot to talk about. So the 60 minute booking is the way to go.