Throw a Party!

Party On!!!

Parties are a lot more fun with a reader involved!

People love it when they arrive to a party or an event and find that they can get a tarot reading! It’s a great addition to your occaison.

Please contact us and describe your needs, time, place, style, capacity, etc. Location fee applies (ie close to Santa Clara County $40, SF/Santa Cruz/Oakland $60 and up depending. Three hour minimum. $250 per hour with percentage decreases for each following hour. Timing is not restricted to availability within our Appointments Calendar.

Includes table set-up and curtained off area depending on event needs. Reader attire can vary from casual, business casual, ballroom, cocktail, Rennaisance Faire, Gypsy flair, fantasy, cosplay, genre themes and more.

Full payment required upon booking. Refunds for cancellation are the following: Two weeks advanced notice of cancellation permits 80% refund. One week advanced notice of cancellation permits 60% refund. 3 days advanced notice of cancellation permits 30% refund. Day of event cancellation permits 5% refund.